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Builders Sharpening & Service, Cherokee, Iowa

Builders Sharpening and Service, Cherokee Iowa

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Just over 4 years ago, Color-ize designed a website for us. Our goal at that time was to sell around $20,000 per year part-time from home. Last year our website initiated over $250,000 in sales! They have done an incredible job maintaining and updating our website. We couldn't be happier with Color-ize!

Darren & Maren Smith

We make judgments based on first impressions daily. Our perception might be completely wrong, but we still make these assumptions about everything, all based on what we first see.

Your business is being scrutinized by new and potential customers viewing your website right now. What are they thinking about your company based on your website?

Our design skills are impressive; our ability to derive what you need for your company - uncanny; our love for what we do: insatiable. Let us show you.

We want your website to be a representation of who you really are. Not something that just is slapped up on the web so you have a web presence. We want to take your slice of the web, and turn it into something beautiful and impressive to your customers.

Think of us as a mediator. You have a business. You have customers. What you want to do is expand that customer base so more people are aware of the excellent products/services you provide.

How do You get more People aware of your Services/Products?

Word of mouth? Definitely your strongest marketing tool, but slow. Consider this: A website is available 24/7. You are in bed sleeping while it is still up working for you. Can you say that about your best employee?

We take the full gamete of what you have to offer, neatly package it to fit your clients and customers expectations of your business and gift wrap it for display!

We keep our process simple. We aren't going to sell you something you don't need. We always answer the phone, and we have friendly people!